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Work +351 220 301 554
Rua Alfredo Allen nº 455/461 Room 1.09 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

The NextToYou Network Solutions is a spinoff of INESC Porto founded by a group of engineers and researchers from the Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit. The experience gained with the research and development of innovative systems and services was, in this company, applied to a set of integrated systems of network communications, voice and multimedia services.

The NextGate product, a modular software platform with a fully-featured network management software, includes a powerful internet access controller with captive portal with analytics and reports, and allows the integration of several other service modules.

Suitable for both cloud and local server deployments, the NextGate solutions are tailored to fit the needs of partners and customers and is offered either as an all-in-one server and as a service, to multiple market segments, such as corporate, hospitality (eg, hotels, hostels, etc..) and also for public hotspots (eg parks, pools, trains, etc.).

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