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Work +351 223 218 342
Edifício Mota Galiza - Rua Calouste Gulbenkian, nº 52, 5º Andar, Escr. 5 4050-144 Porto, Portugal

Neoscopio combines the advantages of the best Open Source software available with professional services support, customization and development.

This process result in products that meet the growing demands of customers, both with regard to guarantees of functioning and fitness needs, as well, as the possibility of progress and response to new challenges.

Neoscopio has a multidisciplinary team and a model of integration of new collaborators, modeled on the development of Open Source software, which will ensure the best service and quality care.

Neoscopio main business areas are:Content Management (Web Portals, Intranets, Document management, Teamwork) – Tech: Drupal, Plone; Business Intelligence (Relevant business data extraction from client different data sources) – Tech: B.I.R.T.; Process Management (Workflow – Engine for design execution and evaluation of workflow triggers, actions, rules) – Tech: Drupal, ProcessMaker; Hardware Virtualization  (Complete management platform creating, converting, provisioning virtual servers or remote desktops) – Tech: KVM, XEN, OpenVZ, Proxmox, libvirt

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