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Praça Coronel Pacheco, nº 2 4050-453 Porto, Portugal

NCREP - Consultancy on Rehabilitation of Built Heritage, Ltd., is an office that provides consultancy, monitoring and design services in the field of rehabilitation. This office was born from the knowledge and experience gathered by its technicians in the field of structural rehabilitations for more than 15 years at the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University. This experience culminated in the production of hundreds of scientific works, technical reports and on the participation on several project and technical collaboration protocols with public and private institutions.

In its approach to rehabilitation, NCREP follows an integrated methodology that starts from the search of a detailed knowledge of the constructions through inspection and diagnosis actions, followed by performance analysis through safety assessment tools that, all together, allow defining an intervention procedure that better fits the construction actual characteristics and physical state.

All of this process is developed according to the most recent international recommendations, trying to minimize the impact on the constructions with equilibrium between functionality, safety and the safeguard of built heritage, materialized on a rehabilitation project. This integrated methodology can involve laboratorial and on-site tests, numerical simulations and monitoring before, during and after the implementation of the intervention solutions. Some of these tools are used in straight collaboration with the Laboratory of Earthquake and Structural Engineering (LESE) of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). Under this collaboration, NCREP also maintains R&D activities of processes and technology applied to rehabilitation interventions.

Finally, NCREP aims promoting, in partnership with other institutions, courses, workshops, seminars in the field of rehabilitation of existing constructions.

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