Miew Creative Studio

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Work +351 224 916 766
Rua Alfredo Allen, n.º455/461 Room 1.16 e 1.17 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

Miew is a software, design & multimedia studio. We are strategy thinkers, creators, makers and producers.

We are focused on creating and developing innovative projects. We face new ideas connected with our digital and artistic background but with rigor and discipline. We are part of a new digital culture, but we do not forget the power of the attention to details coming from the analog culture. That’s why we focus on connecting art and technology in new conceptual works for software and new media. It makes us think in a unique way, having a multi-disciplinary group coming from different backgrounds. Miew is a company where the technologies of the future walk side by side with the notion that creativity is king. We’ve been developing several software projects for international investors and brands, and are currently developing our own products. In the new media area we have a large portfolio of projects and prizes.

Miew has in its core the concepts of Art & Technology as a process to create a difference. We see ourselves as idea artisans and creative thinkers. From this dialogue we try to establish a connection between the beauty and the beast. Our taillor-made projects are the way we think business - Creating is more than just having an idea, it’s adapting it to a specific problem, and working it from different points of view.

In 2012 we created an international group to establish an international expansion strategy. Focusing in high-level conceptual and technology work. We are currently working in markets such as: China(Honk-Kong and Shangai), Qatar, United Kingdom, Brasil, Belgium, Spain among others.

Because we believe innovation comes from a multi-disciplinary discussion, we have a team coming from different areas and backgrounds: Designers, filmmakers, strategy makers, programmers, creators, project managers, business developers, IT Engineers, editors, sound designers, composers and artists.

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