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Rua Alfredo Allen, 455/461 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

MASDIMA is a company which aims to develop software and services that enable companies to track and manage the daily operation efficiently, including irregularities that may affect the operation. Companies in the field of air transport, including air traffic control, railways, metros and buses, logistics, among others, can benefit from the technology that we intend to make available in the market.

Considering the prototype developed during the research, the first product will be available in the air transport field. MASDIMA (Multi-Agent System for Disruption Management) is a system that aims to manage the operation of airlines, flights and monitoring the unexpected events that may affect and cause flight delays. These events can affect the aircraft, crews and passengers and MASDIMA analyzes the impact on these three dimensions, looking for the best integrated solution (including the solution to the airplane, crew and passengers) and complying with the time available for arriving to a solution.

MASDIMA is more than a problem-solving algorithm. It is a system with a large degree of automation, distributed and autonomous with decision-making ability and learning, which replaces several existing functions in the operational control centers of the airlines. Therefore, the cost savings for an airline goes beyond those which are obtained with the optimization of solutions, allowing effective savings in the structure and functioning of the control center.

A proof of concept in a real environment will be performed on a major Portuguese airline where, beyond the success that we expect to have in its implementation, we hope to have them as the first client.

After the implementation in that airline company we begin a phase of expansion that will include airlines in Europe and, increasingly, airlines in other continents.

The use of this technology in other application areas will also be considered.

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