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Avenida da Liberdade 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

knok connects doctors and patients in real-time for personal appointments, reducing waiting times in comfort.

Knok is a mobile platform created to make the doctor/patient relationship personal and bespoke again. Patients can get an appointment with the chosen doctor based on both parties’ current location. Through knok, the patient can call the doctor immediately, wait for his availability or book an appointment.

Currently, patients have either to travel to Emergency Departments, with long waiting times, or cannot choose get a specialist doctor if they wish to get a house call. With knok, waiting rooms are over!

For patients, knok…
saves time – the doctor comes to the patient, meeting him wherever it is needed;
is comfortable – it is never easy to bring small children and elderly people with mobility problems to a hospital or a doctor’s office and it is better to spend waiting time at home or at the office than in a waiting room;
is always near – through GPS, the patient can see who the nearby doctors are and request any of them. The same is true for a different city or country, in an unknown city where knok is present;
is simple – only 4 taps are needed to request the specific doctor that a patient wants to set an appointment with;
is safe – all patient data is encrypted and confidential.


With knok, doctors…
… control the price of the appointment;
… engage in a personal relationship with patients, which can lead to recurrent appointments;
… have full control over their agendas;
… have a moneyless relation with patients, as appointments are paid in app;
… have no fixed costs;
… have a dedicated team devoted to the development and promotion of the project.

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