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Work +351 222 010 752
Rua das Oliveiras, nº 72, 1º Andar 4050-448 Porto, Portugal

Kinematix is a Portuguese start-up specialised in designing innovative electronic devices with a main focus on medical application. It follows the ‘pocket multinational’ concept, in other words, a very small company can operate and compete globally. To be successful on these goals we invest mainly in creating and managing relationships with partners to develop above-average solutions and get above-average returns.

In 2009, as a fast-growing spin-off company from the University of Porto in Portugal, the company decided to establish a UK subsidiary to take advantage of opportunities in the UK and other external markets.

The company’s first product is WalkinSense, a unique device to monitor lower human limb movement, with a wide range of applications: orthopaedics, neurology, cardiology and podiatry. WalkinSense is portable, wireless, easy to use and a non-invasive medical device. It gathers and processes data of lower limb movements during walking, measuring both patient’s mobility patterns and plantar pressure.

For instance, WalkinSense is used by health technicians that deal with diabetic foot disorders, a problem that causes foot ulcers and lower limbs amputations. The information processed by the device can be transferred to a computer to be analyzed through a software by any health care professional.The product is already proving to be invaluable in fighting diabetic foot disorders.

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