JPM Indústria

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Work +351 256 410 800
Zona Industrial do Rossio, Apartado 161 3731-901 Vale de Cambra, Portugal

JPM Group is constituted by technologically evolved companies, that develop their activity in the fields of Industrial Automation, MetalMechanics and Renewable Energies. JPM Group, with its three companies - JPM Indústria, JPM Renováveis and Jointsteel Process Technologies, offers engineering solutions, automated industrial equipment, process equipment, robotic systems and renewable source energy production solutions, which are complemented by installation and maintenance services for all of its equipment and projects. It is focused on integrated and innovative solutions, resorting to the latest technologies available, having as main clients industrial companies at a global scale, with the aim to optimize its production and logistic processes.

JPM Group is specialized in the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries, having however a solid and proven track with clients from various fields of activity. JPM positions itself in the market at a global scale, exporting to more than 40 counties per year and having implemented projects in the 5 continents. Having as differentiating factors the Innovation and also its customer satisfaction orientated culture, it positions itself as a long term partner for its clients.

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