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Rua Alfredo Allen, n.º455/461 Room 0.14 e 0.15 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

Inovapotek is a spin-off company of the Oporto University, founded by two researchers of the Pharmaceutical Technology Department of the Faculty of Pharmacy that obtained the required know-how along many years of experience in R&D. Its goal is to be in the scientific research vanguard in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical technology fields, promoting the development of innovative products that meet regulatory demands and consumers needs.Inovapotek provides consulting, R&D and testing services to the pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

In the cosmetics industry product innovation is the key to success. Meanwhile, regulatory authorities and consumers are demanding ever higher quality standards for cosmetic raw materials, active ingredients and final products. Fast and innovative product development, but assuring good stability and appropriate claim substantiation regarding efficacy and safety is a key requirement for the success of a new cosmetic product. To help its clients facing this challenge, Inovapotek presents a broad range of R&D and testing services, including formulation development, stability studies, efficacy, safety and acceptability evaluation of active ingredients and/or cosmetic products, among other services.

Pharmaceutical is one of the most successful and innovative industries. Despite this success, it has been under pressure to reduce drug development costs and the time needed to bring new drugs to market. Therefore, needs to find new and more innovative ways to extend its product pipelines.  At the same time, the intensification of regulatory requirements led to an increased need for development and validation of reliable analytical methods and for the optimisation of formulations in order to accomplish strict stability specifications. Understanding its clients’ challenges, Inovapotek provides customized formulation development services, from classic formulations to new drug delivery systems, development and validation of analytical methods, among other services.

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