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Work +351 220 301 570
Rua Alfredo Allen, n.º455/461 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

ideia.m is a design and innovation agency. The company applies its experience in the development of new product and services, solving customers’ challenges and, in parallel, presenting its own innovation proposals.

The focused at the creative process, and not at the products itself, allows the company to be useful in the most varied sectors, in different materials and with a range of analogous markets to search for the solution that best fit the challenge.
The team gathers designers, engineers and specialized technicians, with experience and training in their own areas. It may also involve another specialists, potential customers or lead-users in a group adapted to the needs of the project and the characteristics of the product or service.

ideia.m portfolio includes the development of lightweight aircrafts, electric vehicles, medical devices, autonomous platforms, renewable energies, urban equipment, furniture and even musical instruments.

ideia.m, founded in 2008, was awarded with an Honorable Mention at the Creative Industries National Prize 2009, in Portugal.

The activities of the company are distributed by three different areas that are both autonomous and related, optimizing the development process. ideia.m is owner of ava Guitars, Douro Creative Studio and oxio.

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