Gisgeo Information Systems

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Fax +351 225 490 188
Rua D. João IV, nº 716, 1º Drt 4000-299 Porto, Portugal

Founded in 2008, Gisgeo is a company specialized in developing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mobile and web location solutions, ie, software solutions able to capture, store, analyze, manage and display geo-referenced data, especially based on Open Source technologies.

Our mission is to promote innovation through the application of GIS in multiple sectors of society, by representing spatial data in a simple and intuitive manner, adapting them to the organization’s needs, and thus increasing productivity through the effective management of resources.

It is also our goal to be a reference in the research and development of geography based multi platform software, enhancing the value of geospatial information in the organizations’ decision support process.

Gisgeo has implementations in Portugal, Brazil and Angola and the company’s portfolio has a diverse range of solutions: Real time location of vehicle, people and goods; GeoCar - fleet management and navigation; GeoMedicine; GeoMarketing; GeoSecurity; Location for smartphones; Augmented Reality; Managing teams out of the office.

On the basis of the excellence of the solutions developed and services provided by Gisgeo is a highly qualified and motivated Portuguese team, with multidisciplinary expertise in GIS, sustained on the continuous improvement of processes and methodologies.

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