FYI – Smart and Active Communication

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Work +351 22 606 52 29
Rua de Guerra Junqueiro 624 4150-387 Porto, Portugal

FYI is a startup company that aims to serve a large and growing customer base, becoming the vendor of choice for clients who chase for intelligent and active solutions that interact with consumers.

FYI is focused on Social Media solutions that enable your customers to be more competitive. FYI design's the best communication strategies to place their brands actively in front of consumers who care about their products.

Internet unlike other Medias such TV and Radio is an always changing platform. Today the company believes that a website is not sufficient to get the best results. Companies need to be smart and proactive. Consumers demands are changing, they are now used to be found by service providers instead of finding them. FYI can make your clients get them first!

FYI laboratory has given us the needed experience to deliver also high innovative solutions. Our commitment to our client is much more than just completing a project, we like to work together to understand their services and consumers and make them work as one.

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