FS Dynamics

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Rua Alfredo Allen nº 455/461 4200-135 Porto, Portugal

FS Dynamics Portugal is a member of FS Dynamics group. FS Dynamics Group is a leading provider of consultancy services within FEA (Structural calculations) and CFD (Fluid Dynamic calculations). FS Dynamics group headquarters are in Gothenburg, Sweden. FS Dynamics has about 180 simulation engineers working in 9 local offices in 6 different countries around Europe.

FS Dynamics has a very strong background in vehicle and energy industry, but we have been actively developing our simulation know-how into new technologies and industries. Every engineer in FS Dynamics is focusing to deliver high quality engineering simulations for industrial customers. We use the newest and proven methods to improve our customer’s products or processes. For us it is very important that simulations creates new ideas and real value for customers.

FS Dynamics Portugal is delivering services to local South European market and transferring and developing know-how needed by local customers.  

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