Fórum Oceano

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Work +351 220 120 764
Avenida da Liberdade 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

Fórum Oceano – Associação da Economia do Mar (Association of the Sea Economy) its the result of the union of Oceano XXI and FEEM, two Portuguese associations that merged in last July 2015.

Fórum Oceano is a legal person of private non-profit organization that aims primarily to boost the Sea Cluster by promoting the development of cooperation between scientific institutions in the sector, companies and organizations from different sectors and activities which the area functional final demand is the Mar.

Seeks to exploit the sea as a source of economic wealth and knowledge and the sustainable exploitation of its resources, promoting intersectional and interagency coordination and cooperation between public and private stakeholders to intervene in the Sea area according to the logic that value the active participation and bottom-up construction ; modernize traditional maritime activities and develop new activities, innovative products and services targeted for export, and enhance research, technological development, innovation and training in the Sea.

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