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Avenida da Liberdade, s/n 4450-718 Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

EZ4U's platform allows sending SMS with a truly global coverage, at the most competitive price in the market.

System settings allow for, among other features:
  • Recurrent Contacts and / or massive marketing campaigns
  • Sending through the web or automated mechanisms
  • White Label solution for agencies and resellers
  • Sending to both national and international receivers
  • Inbox with automatic message processing
  • Integration with external systems
The cost reduction cross-segment consultancy service is offered to all economic activity branches and aims to reduce costs in non-core topics such as: Voice Communications, Data Networks, Licensing and IT. The produced recommendations are the outcome of a cross analysis of three main pillars: contracts, detailed billing, and current needs. The service's subscription cost is solely based on the sharing of effective proven results after implementing the made recommendations - therefore a 100% success fee.

EZ4U's mission focus is to provide its clients immediate financial and operational benefits through an integrated approach that comprises a set of solutions which includes state of the art technology though involving reduced risks and investments.

This way, EZ4U's solutions are roughly heterogeneous and totality adaptable to each client's needs. All the considered artifacts were designed, developed and implemented always having in mind each entity's inherent structure on both a procedural and technological way.

The care and dedication given to every detail of each project, coupled with a supportive and attentive service, guarantee full respect for the needs and concerns of those who work with us and justifies the longevity of our business relations.

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