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Fax +351 22 030 1511
Aguda Parque - Edifício J Largo de Arcozelo, 76 4410-455 Arcozelo V.N. Gaia, Portugal

EWEN is an Energy Service Company (ESCO) who provides a full range of capital projects and services to reduce energy costs and water use, as well as implementation of renewables. Projects are to be implemented through an energy performance contract such that annual savings cover all capital costs. Our services include but are not limited to: a technical audit to assess energy, water and operations savings opportunities, as well as the engineering design, equipment procurement, construction management, financing capability or advising, commissioning, staff training, monitoring and verification, and a performance guarantee.

Our commitment: to perform a Technical Energy Audit and Project Development Proposal to determine the feasibility of entering into an Energy Performance Contract to provide for installation and implementation of energy and water saving measures at Customer’s facilities.

Our goal: working together with the Customers to increase energy efficiency through energy performance contracting, reducing energy costs, avoiding energy consumption and GHG emissions.

Customer advantages: This energy savings performance contracting enables the Customer to use future energy savings to pay for up-front costs of energy-saving projects, eliminating the need to dip into capital budgets. It will contribute to the image of the Customer with regards to environment care.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property: Any agreement between the Parties will be subject to a non-disclosure agreement, as per any Customer requirement.

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