Energia Fundamental – Serviços energéticos

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Work +351 220 301 561
Rua do Tronco, n.º 375 4465-275 São Mamede de Infesta, Portugal

Energia Fundamental is a flexible and dynamic consulting company that offers a diverse set of services in areas such as Energy, Environment and Professional Training.

Dedicated to the audit, study, conception, evaluation and implementation of specialized interventions in areas of energy, environment, planning, natural resources and sustainable development, gathers a group of experienced specialists that groups multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary skills, meeting the needs of its clients.

Energia Fundamental´s areas of expertise extend beyond the usual practice of counterparts companies. Examples of that are the studies and projects of Energy Management, Smart Metering and ESCO Solutions – Energy Service Company, concerning the energy area; River Modeling, Environmental Rehabilitation and Monitoring of Aquatic Communities, concerning Environment area, including programs and investment projects, cost-benefit analysis and Due diligence in relevant energy and environmental parameters.

Energia Fundamental is a multidisciplinary team whose technical and scientific capacity is available to the development of Portuguese society, through flexible, innovative and high quality consulting services.

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