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Emailbidding is Adwords for e-mail marketing. Emailbidding is a self-service web-based platform for advertisers (or agencies) that allows them to bid for the audience available through the publishers network (opt-in databases for permission marketing).

Advertisers bid for each click, which means they bid for the subscribers that are more likely to buy their products or services, transforming e-mail marketing in a powerful tool based on performance. Advertisers get immediate visibility on return from their investment at the same time that invest only on subscribers that show interest on their campaigns. Furthermore, advertisers can see a continuous revenue stream from their campaigns without the hassle of managing individual email shots.

End users (subscribers) benefit from this solution by selecting the campaigns which they are more interested in, avoiding receiving messages that have little or no interest for them.

Publishers have clear benefits from increasing their e-mail marketing revenue stream because they can access to a huge amount of  campaigns which are automatically selected to be sent to their subscribers, based on individual user information and behavior. Additionally, the platform is fully automated, which eliminates the cumbersome and error prone manual work associated with the traditional email-marketing activity.

With powerful statistics and intelligent algorithms, Emailbidding computes the best fit between campaigns and subscribers, assigning the best available campaign for each individual subscriber.

We aim to revolutionize the channel with the highest ROI in digital marketing: email-marketing.

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