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EasyDiet is revolutionary software that aims to be your pocket nutritionist and personal trainer, helping you to create simple solutions to improve your lifestyle. Add food or physical activities to your diary and balance daily energy by yourself. In opposition to existent calories tracker software’s, EasyDiet advises of what you should eat according to your set goals (weight management, increase muscle mass or control diabetes, cholesterol and triglyceride levels) and send you alert messages, notifying that your nutritional intake is over or under recommendations and the consequences of that deviation. If you exceed your energy recommendations, we suggest several physical activities to offset excess, based on your habits. Since we offer innovative services and gyms partnerships, reaching your fitness goals will also be easy.

Additionally, we provide all information on the latest news about nutrition and fitness, helping you to keep up to date on the newest researches. Our commitment is to provide a customized follow-up, with intelligent planning and real-time support given by experienced and qualified professionals.

So, are you ready to take control of your body?

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