Douro Prime

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Work +351 22 030 1589
Rua Engº Ferreira Dias, 728 4100-246 Porto, Portugal

The Douro Prime project was born from the desire of its promoters to launch an innovative gourmet product from the Douro region, and was initiated in late 2007.
The aim of the project is to revive a traditional Douro spicy condiment, following an old recipe from a well known Port wine house, and to develop both production and the marketing of this product.

But having recognized the importance of size and critical mass for the viability and sustainability of the project, the Douro Prime, S.A., formally constituted in July 2008, developed a business plan to produce and commercialize not only the above mentioned spicy condiment but also other traditional products from the Douro, like wines, olive oil and vinegars.

So the objective of DP is to produce and trade, within national and external markets, 5 product lines firmly anchored in the Douro Demarcated Region. It’ll benefit from the high qualitative potential of the region, and from the positive brand image already enjoyed by the Port Wine and the Douro valley both at national and international level.

The 5 product lines that will be commercialized by DOURO PRIME are: Douro DOC wine (Red. Reserve Red and White) - INQUIETO RESERVA 2006 is already in the market; Spicy Condiment based on a traditional Port Wine recipe , in development; Port Wine (LBV and Vintage), in project; Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gourmet style, in project; Vinegar and Balsamic Vinegar, in project.

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