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Rua da Lionesa Nº 446 G6-11 4465-671 Leça do Balio, Portugal

CardMobili specialises in innovative end-to-end technology to create and enable digital wallet services, focusing on value added services for the e-commerce experience.

CardMobili has been consistently innovating in the digital wallet sector for a number of years, making the company one of the most experienced players in this rapidly evolving market.  Partnering with leading global mobile network operators and retail brands, CardMobili’s technology and solutions have provided the platform for numerous successful roll-outs, helping to unlock important new revenue streams and dynamically enhancing the customer experience.

An early pioneer in the digital wallet space, CardMobili launched its first mobile service in 2009.  Its expertise and proven technology has subsequently contributed to successful service roll-outs for numerous clients, across integration into existing mobile commerce programmes, such as loyalty and rewards, as well as completely new service launches.  Continuous developments to CardMobili’s platform have strengthened its market position, and are enabling the company to partner with leading global mobile network operators, financial institutions, utilities companies and retail merchants, as a core technology provider.

From mobile loyalty and rewards schemes, to advanced mobile commerce deployments – CardMobili is firmly established as the partner of choice.  The company’s solutions combine the tools, the expertise, and the support to realise the strategic digital wallet vision and deliver tangible commercial value.

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