Bastidor Público

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Rua Sá da Bandeira, 182, 2º traseiras 4000-428 Porto, Portugal

Bastidor Público – Investigação e Criação Artística (BP) is a platform for artistic experimentation, which as a cultural entity, has a tripartite structure, that work independently: as a structure that aims to contribute to the development of creative industries by offering business products and services; as a theatre company; as a platform for qualified artistic training.

BP offers a variety of products and services related to the implementation of the performing arts (theatre, dance and percussion) to non-artistic contexts. In the idealization of these products and services we bet in four main areas: 1. development of individual creativity and teamwork; 2. active and effective communication; 3. live simulations for skills training (Public services; medical consultation; sale of a product-idea …); 4. Recreation of everyday and professional situations to raise the awareness of certain problems (teamwork; punctuality; competitiveness; conflict management ...).

We think that customization is imperative in a market flooded with products increasingly standardized. Therefore, our products and services are customized and designed to suit customer needs. The starting point is the creative experience, and this experience can take different forms at the time of intervention.

The inclusion of these different areas in the same cultural structure, allows us to, not only enhance each of the parties, but also respond to the needs of a broader cultural intervention that can contribute to a recovery of culture "as a whole, and for all".

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