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Building Management Systems intend to control and monitor the mechanical and electrical equipments inside a building. The purpose is to ensure the correct functioning of those equipments, but with more accuracy and a complex configuration it might become a great energy efficiency instrument (15% to 20%). Actually, more enthusiastic studies show that 24% of primary energy savings can be achieved by using appropriate control strategy (HANAFI, R.M.).

BMS generally gathers the inputs from those equipments and from several kinds of sensors (eg. Temperature, humidity, lux, movement, etc.). Nevertheless, those systems are static, unidirectional and totally blind in what concerns the User Experience Feedback. They´re unable to truly accomplish the user needs regarding matters such as comfort, financial and O&M indicators.

Bandora is an application which receives inputs from BMS, sensors and users in real time, so it monitors and analyses the way energy is used, demanded and waisted. Bandora can automatically and immediately reconfigure BMS, using predictive algorithms, in order to fine tune the energy consumption while increasing users comfort and satisfaction with their experience inside the building.

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