Arbor Media

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Work +351 216 002 362
Praça de Alvalade 6, 6E 1700-036 Lisboa, Portugal

Arbor Media provides software solutions for recording and webcasting audio and video signals for broadcast purposes of cultural contents and conferences.

The available solutions have a strong technological evolution, allowing to provide efficient, user-friendly, state-of-the-art for many parliaments, courtrooms, broadcasters and other professional organizations.

There are no limits to the application options of Arbor Media technology. Once the audio / video is captured, encoded and stored, flexible workflows allow a multi-platform distribution of live streams and files Video on Demand (VOD), with only one mouse click.

The company consists of Portuguese and Dutch shareholders. Has the development team located in Lisbon.

Arbor Media has a core product called ConnectedViews which has several variations, depending on the vertical market: ConnectedViews Hospitality: hotels and hospitals; ConnectedViews Conference: Conference, parliaments, assemblies, events; ConnectedViews OnBoard: Transport, embedded solutions; ConnectedViews OTT: Residential streaming solutions;

Given the applicability of solutions Arbor Media in the country, as this sets up a very interesting case study of the solutions to other markets, powering the investment in the company's internationalization. In its short history, we highlight an exclusive contract for 4 years with NOS to reinvent the technology platform of hospitality to the domestic market.

In 2014 the installation of ConnectedViews application on Amazon, creating a self-hosted solution for customers, the application installation in the Belgian Parliament and the installation of the streaming solution for all BPI branches nationally.

In 2015 we won several prominent clients such as parliaments in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Malta among others.

In 2016 we highlight the platform installation in groups like Sheraton, Intercontinental, Martinhal and Sonae and the UN Human Rights. We have proposed to take place in prospects as European Parliament, European Commission, global streaming platform for the UN, French Senate and several City Council.

Recently we got a contract with Rede Nacional de Expressos that allows us to send selected content via streaming for all passengers traveling in the company bus.

As a result of this sustained and steady growth with a strong component of innovation, we partnered with Microsoft for the international market based on developments for global streaming via HTTP content.

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